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TIF - Theological Institute of Finland

(STI Suomen teologinen instituutti)


  • teaches Theology,
  • is engaged in Theological research, including archaeological excavation work,
  • is founded on the Bible as the Word of God and on the Confession of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • supports students of theology in their studies and spiritual life,
  • was founded in 1987 by seven organisations of the revival movement and is financed mainly by voluntary contributions.

Why TIF?

  • The church needs workers who believe in the Bible,
  • The education offered by the state administered universities does not lay a reliable foundation for work in the kingdom of God, it might even demolish the faith in the Word of God and in the validity of Christ's atonement
  • There is a need for an alternative tuition, founded on the Bible and the confession of the church

To this end TIF

  • Employes a small staff
  • Arranges lectures, seminars and courses, often with outside lecturers,
  • Offers students opportunities for archaeological field work in Israel,
  • Maintains a library at the disposal of students of theology,
  • Publishes theological periodicals,
  • Offers students of theology in Helsinki a spiritual oasis.

International connections

TIF has connections to institutions in other countries:
  • Sweden:
    • Johannelunds Teologiska Institut
    • Foersamlingsfakulteten, Gothenburg
  • Norway: Det Teologiska Menighetsfakultetet
  • Denmark:
    • Dansk Bibel-Institut
    • Menighetsfakultetet
  • England
  • Germany:
    • Friedrich-Haus-Studienzentrum
    • Freie Theologische Akademie
    • Albrecht-Bengel-Haus
    • Bodelschwingen-Studienhaus

Click HERE for LINKS to most of the institutions above.

Our whereabouts:

  • Address: STI, Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.
  • Phone: 358 9 668 9550, fax: 358 9 6689 5555
  • e-mail:
  • Bank: PSP 800011-564245

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